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Provider Profile – Solder Creative (Experiential events and activations with creative technology)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023


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Section - In their words


We bring creative ideas to life through a rapid and iterative process. From ideation, to proof-of-concept, through prototypes all the way to full scale roll out.

Regardless of your sector or service, we create interactive experiences that draw you in – whether it’s online, on screen or in person.

We’ve built websites, games, donation points, brand activations, logistics trackers, live music monitors, water sensors, interactive Tetris business cards and more. The list keeps growing, and we’re always open to something new.

Whatever your idea, we’ll help you make it a reality.

Experiential events and activations with creative technology - Solder Creative

Section - Key Services

  • Smart Devices

  • Digital

  • Charity

  • Interactive Installations

Section - Interview

Interview with Victoria Burroughes, from the Creative Technology company, Solder Creative

Victoria Burroughes, recently sat down for an interview to discuss the company’s innovative approach to experiential events and activations. Known for their ability to merge physical and digital realms using cutting-edge technology, Solder Creative has gained a reputation for building brands and generating revenue through their unique creations

Transforming ideas into tangible products and experiences

Solder is a creative technology studio that specialises in hardware, electronics, firmware, and software development. Their expertise enables them to transform ideas into tangible products and experiences. From contactless donation boxes for prominent non-profit organisations to smart water monitoring technology and sports performance monitoring, Solder brings concepts to life through a rapid and iterative process. Whether it’s testing and building smart product ideas, designing interactive installations and activations, or delivering captivating PR launches, Solder Creative excels in bringing incredible visions to fruition.

During the interview, Burroughes highlighted the key services Solder will focus on through the Counsl platform. These include virtual creative technology direction, rapid prototyping, smart product design, interactive installations and activations, and contactless payment/donation experience design. The company’s emphasis on these services stems from their ability to merge technology with the physical world, offering valuable insights into real-world applications and delivering exceptional value to clients.

Leveraging content and technology for Client Success

Burroughes shared a recent piece of advice they provided to several non-profit clients who were grappling with a decline in funding. With a significant drop in government, corporate, and individual contributions, charities faced challenges differentiating themselves from other causes. Solder Creative advised their non-profit clients to enhance their contactless donation technology by creating more engaging experiences.

By leveraging emotive video content and sensor technology, they aimed to inspire donations and foster deeper connections between donors and causes. The results were promising, with Solder’s contactless video totem outperforming conventional platforms by 73% for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

"Ultimately, the choice to follow the advice lies with the client, and Solder values building trust and credibility through their expertise."

When asked about the key qualities and skills that make someone effective at giving advice, Burroughes emphasised the importance of active listening and understanding the underlying issues behind a problem. By connecting with the pain points and aligning advice with the client’s existing strengths, Solder ensures their guidance is both relevant and digestible.

To tailor advice to specific needs and circumstances, Solder employs a range of strategies. They seek wider contextual understanding, relate advice back to the client’s strengths, and offer suggestions that can be validated on a small scale before committing to larger endeavors. Ultimately, the choice to follow the advice lies with the client, and Solder values building trust and credibility through their expertise.

Constructive and open dialogues

Burroughes explained their approach to fostering constructive and open dialogues with individuals seeking advice. Solder prioritizes connecting with the pain points rather than just addressing the brief, allowing them to truly solve problems rather than merely delivering products. Additionally, they focus on building rapport and establishing a comfortable environment for discussions, which fosters more meaningful dialogue.

Reflecting on a memorable experience, Burroughes mentioned receiving informal advice from a friend of the organisation. This advice aligned perfectly with their personal and company values, offering fresh perspectives on prospecting new business and providing invaluable industry insights. The guidance allowed Solder Creative to navigate the client acquisition process more authentically and meaningfully, leveraging their newcomer status in the industry.

In conclusion

Solder Creative’s unique blend of technology and creativity has positioned them as leaders in the field of experiential events and activations. Their ability to bring ideas to life, focus on impactful services, and provide tailored advice to clients sets them apart. Through their presence on Counsl, Solder aims to share their expertise and continue making a significant impact on businesses and organizations seeking innovative solutions.

- Experiential events and activations with creative technology - Solder Creative -

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