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Provider Profile – Bergman Holt (Bridging the Gap for Startups Across Borders)

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Section - In their Words

We partner with VCs and Companies at Series A, and help unlock step change in their businesses and portfolios. We have built the Leadership and grown the Teams of SaaS, Fintech, Cleantech, AI/Deep Tech, Biotech and Web3 firms internationally.

We work in partnership. By focusing on getting the foundations right: finding the most qualified Leadership and Board; creating cohesive, engaged Teams; designing and structuring People Initiatives and the groundwork for a culture so you can scale successfully. Bridging the Gap for Startups Across Borders

Section - Key Services
  • Leadership Design

  • Executive Search

  • Board Curation

  • Fractional Support

Section - Interview

In a candid interview, Emiljan Gega, the visionary from Bergman Holt, shared his insights and experiences in the world of executive search and growth coaching for startups.

With an infectious passion for connecting emerging businesses with the right talent, Gega has been instrumental in bridging the gap between startups and success.


Robust team development

Bergman Holt, renowned for its executive search services for startups in the UK and beyond, has been making waves in the industry for over two decades. As Gega explains, their core philosophy revolves around developing robust founding teams and advisory boards to set the foundation for long-term growth. With a focus on sectors like AI, Medtech, Biotech, SaaS, Fintech, and e-Commerce, the company has cast its net wide across the UK, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

At the heart of their services is a belief in helping businesses scale up sustainably. Gega firmly asserts:

"We're in love with what we do, and we've built our expertise over time. It's all about nurturing relationships and finding those critical technical and commercial hires to help startups get their business off the ground."

Emiljan Gega has become a trusted advisor to countless startups, offering invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. His recent advice to not give away excessive equity to early hires is emblematic of his commitment to safeguarding the interests of startups and ensuring their long-term viability.

A new and diverse audience

When asked about his motivations for joining the Counsl platform, Gega's eyes light up. "The vibrancy of the community and the potential to be inspired by groundbreaking ideas excites me," he says with a smile. For Gega, Counsl represents an opportunity to engage with a diverse audience and make a difference in the lives of ambitious entrepreneurs.

A standout quality that defines Gega's effectiveness as an advisor is his unwavering dedication to tailored advice. "Experience, humility, and precision are key," he explains. He believes in truly understanding the unique needs and circumstances of those seeking guidance. To achieve this, Gega employs a strategy of thorough probing and upfront transparency. Building strong relationships with clients is paramount, as he believes that true growth occurs when emotions are infused into the commercial landscape.


But not all advice is easily embraced, and Gega acknowledges that some of his recommendations may be unpopular or difficult for recipients to accept. "Patience and openness to challenge are crucial," he emphasises. He firmly stands by his principles and remains engaged even in the face of resistance, always reminding himself that his role is to help, not to dictate.

Creating a constructive and open dialogue with those seeking advice is another area in which Gega excels. "Consistency and regularity are key," he states. By setting clear expectations from the outset, he lays the groundwork for an environment that encourages open communication and fosters growth.

A globalised startup landscape is taking root

Reflecting on a memorable experience that profoundly impacted his business, Gega recounts the story of expanding into a new market with vastly different business practices - Africa. Hesitant at first, Gega took a leap of faith, traveling to Nigeria to meet with a potential client in the banking sector. This bold move not only led to a successful mandate but also earned Bergman Holt a reputation as the go-to recruiters for the region.

Emiljan Gega's journey with Bergman Holt has been one of dedication, resilience, and adaptability. His desire to make a positive impact in the lives of startups is evident, and now, with Counsl, he looks forward to touching even more lives, one transformative piece of advice at a time. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, Gega's vision of a globalised startup landscape is taking root, and with Bergman Holt at the helm, there is no telling where the next breakthrough will emerge.

- Bridging the Gap for Startups Across Borders -

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