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PROVIDER PROFILE - Code12 (Delivering Customised Growth Formula for Tech CEOs)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


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Section - In their words

You are a CEO and you lead an exciting company with a massive potential target market. You have invested heavily in the sales team, but the sales numbers have not yet reflected this investment – and now you are under pressure from the board to get sales sorted out. You might have hired an expensive sales leader, whom you like and trust. Delivering Customised Growth Formula for Tech CEOs

Section - Key Services

  • 12 weeks to Victory

  • Sales Training

  • Goal setting and KPI’s

Section - Interview

Interview with Luke Davies, founder of CODE12

In an exclusive interview with Luke Davies, founder of CODE12, we gained insight into how his company helps tech CEOs achieve significant growth both in their businesses and personal lives. CODE12 is renowned for its customised holistic Growth Formula that focuses on optimising both the sales process and personal development, providing CEOs with consistent A-Player sales performance and a blueprint for scalable growth.

Davies highlighted the unique approach of CODE12, distinguishing it from other sales support options such as coaches, consultants, non-executives, sales training, and technologies. He emphasised that these alternatives often fall short in delivering tangible impact. In contrast, CODE12’s Growth Formula is tailored to each individual, and the 90-day implementation called “12 Weeks to Victory” ensures a transformative journey towards step-change growth and long-term scalability.

CEO’s often possess great skills and have exceptional product offerings but struggle to unlock their company’s full potential due to sales-related challenge.

When asked about the services CODE12 will prioritise on Counsl, Davies mentioned Discovery and Assessment, Design and Build, and Implementation and Support. These services address the common hurdle faced by many CEOs: a lack of an efficient and effective scalable sales machine. Davies explained that CEOs often possess exceptional offerings but struggle to unlock their company’s full potential due to sales-related challenges. CODE12’s services aim to bridge this gap and provide CEOs with the necessary tools and strategies for success.


Fostering a team set up for success

Davies generously shared his last piece of advice, cautioning against hiring average performer salespeople. He stressed the importance of assembling a team of bright, motivated, and trainable individuals, supplemented by a few experienced A-Players. This approach, according to Davies, fosters a high-performing sales team that can drive sustainable growth.

When asked about what he looks forward to on Counsl, Davies expressed enthusiasm for working with ambitious and motivated individuals who are willing to push their limits and take personal responsibility for their outcomes. He finds fulfillment in helping such individuals achieve their goals through his expertise and guidance.

Davies delved into the key qualities and skills that make someone effective at giving advice. He emphasised the need for relevant expertise and experience, active listening, and tailoring advice to suit the individual and their specific circumstances. Additionally, he stressed the importance of authenticity and only providing advice that he would follow himself.


Well timed tough love

Navigating situations where the advice given may be unpopular or difficult for the recipient to accept is an area Davies is well-versed in. He mentioned employing a “nurturingly assertive” communication style, combining authenticity and tough love when necessary. By staying true to his convictions and demonstrating intellectual humility, Davies strives to ensure his advice is genuinely helpful, even if it challenges the recipient.

Regarding fostering constructive and open dialogues with advice-seekers, Davies underlined the importance of being both knowledgeable and relatable. He stressed the significance of only providing advice he has already taken or would be willing to take himself. This approach establishes trust and facilitates meaningful exchanges that lead to positive outcomes.

To illustrate the impact of receiving advice, Davies recounted a memorable experience where he received transformative guidance for his own business. The advice encouraged him to follow his dreams with unwavering passion, trust in himself, and seek counsel from those he likes, respects, and who reciprocate those sentiments. This advice instilled resilience and a never-give-up attitude, shaping the trajectory of CODE12’s success.


In conclusion

Luke Davies and CODE12’s Growth Formula continue to provide tech CEOs with the expertise and strategies they need to achieve significant growth. With a focus on sales optimization and personal development, CODE12 aims to unlock the full potential of CEOs and their businesses, fostering long-term success and scalability.

- Delivering Customised Growth Formula for Tech CEOs -

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