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Boost Client Conversion and Engagement – Win 30% More Clients

Provide instant legal guidance and AI-driven matching to connect prospects with the perfect expert, effortlessly boosting your firm's conversions

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Counsl transforms how law firms engage clients by making their expertise interactive for prospects.

Simplify your client engagement with Counsl - no coding needed.

Increase Conversion Rate

Gain more clients by converting more website visitors.

Increase Likelihood of Return

Be a trusted source for guidance even when prospects don't progress.

Decrease Wasted Senior Time

Qualify based on need and expertise, not just partner inbound.

Better Data on Market Needs

Understand the needs of visitors in detail to drive market understanding.

Improve Client Experience

Give immediate value to visitors and impactful first conversations.

Decrease Staff Turnover Risk

Create a link between individual expertise and marketing maintaining staff engagement.

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Empower prospects with swift guidance and foster meaningful connections

By offering quick and compelling access to your expertise, you not only accelerate value delivery but also streamline interactions, making each exchange more meaningful and satisfying.

White-Label Service for Customisation

Zero Code

White-Label Service for Customisation

Our service is ready-to-use and can be white-labeled for seamless customisation and integration with your current website.

Easy Setup

Efficient Expertise Capture

Arrange your documents, videos, and audio into a straightforward folder for us to efficiently codify and capture your organisational expertise.

Efficient Expertise Documentation
Team Expertise Showcase

Expertise Led

Team Showcase

Showcase every team member, linking them with their areas of expertise to spotlight your organisation's and individuals' specialties.

Bespoke Search

Semantic Search Capability

Integrate semantic-based search into your website, allowing visitors to express their needs, upload supporting documents, and get responses that match closely with your codified expertise based on semantic relevance.

Semantic Search Capability
Integrated Communication and Booking

Connect Seamlessly

Integrated Communication and Booking

Benefit from built-in features for messaging team members and scheduling initial meetings, guaranteeing clear communication of needs. The system also offers a video conferencing capability.

Our Clients

Why companies like Counsl?

"We get to see what interests visitors - even if they leave again"

Counsl is working to help this firm understand both the people who take their services but also those who don't, want they wanted and can build their future offering around them.

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