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Provider Profile – Wildfire (Turning Ambition into Action for Tech Companies)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

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Section - In their Words

At Wildfire, we partner with our clients to create meaningful campaigns that deliver — and are anything but boring.

We call it Think.Bold — a strategic approach to PR where data-driven insights meet no-rules creativity.

We’ve won the awards, so we know it works. More importantly, we’re proud to have helped clients shake up their industries, grow into market leaders, and achieve record results.

Being boring isn’t your ambition.

If you want to achieve real commercial impact, you need to Think.Bold. Turning Ambition into Action for Tech Companies

Section - Key Services
  • Public Relations

  • Communication

  • Crisis and International PR

  • Analyst Relations

Section - Interview

Interview with Chris King – Joint Managing Director, Wildfire

Wildfire, an award-winning specialist technology PR agency, has always been making waves in the industry with a purpose-driven approach to helping tech companies turn their ambition into action. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Wildfire’s Joint MD Chris King, to learn more about its business focus, services, and its involvement with the innovative platform Counsl.


Bold ideas leading to brilliant results

Wildfire, established in 1987 and based in Kingston upon Thames, has garnered a reputation for delivering strategic thinking, bold ideas, and brilliant results across various technology sectors, including enterprise IT, AI, data, cybersecurity, cloud, IoT, SaaS, semiconductors, electronics, martech, e-commerce, fintech and consumer technology. As a member of PROI Worldwide, a global network of over 87 independent agencies across 50+ countries, Wildfire has the knowledge and expertise to help brands scale beyond just the UK market.

Chris emphasised the agency’s core services, encompassing communications strategy, public relations, media relations, social media management, employer branding, PR messaging, crisis communications, international PR, and analyst relations. With over 30 years of experience, Wildfire has a genuine passion for technology, making it a leading choice for any tech company looking to scale and achieve its brand ambitions.

Creativity is not solely for major consumer brands with large budgets, Research consistently shows that B2B campaigns that are memorable, emotive, and creative are the most effective at driving business results.

When asked about Wildfire’s specific focus on these services for Counsl, Chris highlighted the agency’s strength in delivering insight-based creativity through its unique Think.Bold framework. He gave weight to dispelling the misconception that creativity is solely for major consumer brands with large budgets. Research consistently shows that B2B campaigns that are memorable, emotive, and creative are the most effective at driving business results. By encouraging tech brands to think beyond traditional strategies, Wildfire aims to help them engage B2B buyers on a human level and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Joining Counsl, the innovative platform connecting early-stage companies with quality professional services, is an exciting prospect for Wildfire. Chris expressed enthusiasm about being part of Counsl’s launch, emphasising the platform’s premise of making professional services accessible and affordable for startups. By contributing to Counsl, Wildfire aims to support early-stage companies that may not have had access to such services before or might have been at risk of overspending. It aligns perfectly with Wildfire’s passion for helping ambitious tech startups thrive.


Understanding the question or challenge at hand allows advisors to add value

Reflecting on the key qualities or skills that make someone effective at giving advice, Chris highlighted the importance of listening and asking questions. While knowledge and experience are crucial, understanding the question or challenge at hand allows advisors to provide tailored and valuable guidance. Active listening and insightful questioning enhance the advice-giving process, ensuring that the consultancy given is relevant and practical.

Tailoring advice to the specific needs and circumstances of the person seeking guidance requires a thorough understanding of their unique situation. Having this means advisors can customise their advice, ensuring it directly addresses the individual’s concerns and is practical for their circumstances.

Navigating situations where the advice given may be unpopular or difficult to accept requires a delicate approach. Chris stressed the need to be prepared, stay true to one’s beliefs, and provide evidence to support the advice. However, it is equally important to be sensitive and diplomatic when conveying the advice, creating a safe and constructive environment for dialogue.


Creating a safe place for advice

Building trust is a fundamental aspect of encouraging a constructive and open dialogue with individuals seeking advice. By creating a safe space where people feel comfortable asking questions, admitting mistakes, or displaying naivety, advisors can foster a positive environment for discussion. Elements like body language, eye contact, and active listening, even in virtual meetings, play crucial roles in establishing trust and encouraging an open exchange of ideas.

Chris shared a memorable experience where receiving advice made a significant impact on Wildfire’s business. During a recent change in leadership that saw the appointment of two joint managing directors, it sought advice from successful joint MDs. This invaluable guidance helped Wildfire navigate the transition successfully, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring the best outcomes for its business.

In conclusion

As Wildfire continues to make waves in the technology PR industry, its passion for turning ambition into action remains at the forefront. Through their involvement with Counsl, Wildfire is poised to extend its expertise to early-stage companies and contribute to their growth and success.

Wildfire’s journey of transforming ambitious tech companies into market leaders through strategic thinking, bold ideas, and brilliant results is set to continue, propelling the industry forward with their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

- Turning Ambition into Action for Tech Companies -

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