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Provider Profile – Admagic Media (Insights on Employer Branding and Effective Advice-Giving)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


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Section - In their Words

Developing your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) yourself can help ensure that it accurately reflects your company’s unique culture and offerings to employees.

Insights on Employer Branding and Effective Advice-Giving

You are best positioned to truly understand your company’s unique culture because you live it every day. So why not truly own it?

  • Here are a few key benefits to developing your EVP yourself:

  • - Articulating what you already know about your company in an organised and compelling way

  • - Creating a sense of ownership of your EVP which using an agency cannot give you

  • Offering a deep sense of authenticity to both candidates and employees

  • Defining your EVP yourself can be much more cost effective than using an agency

Section - Key Services

  • Employer Value Proposition

  • Culture

  • Employer Brand

Section - Interview

Interview with Chris Kedwell, the founder of Ad Magic Media Ltd

In a recent interview, Chris Kedwell, the founder of Ad Magic Media Ltd, provided valuable insights into his company’s focus on employer branding and the art of giving advice. Ad Magic Media is renowned for its expertise in employer brand strategy, activation, and innovation. Kedwell shared how his company helps organisations effectively market themselves as employers by uncovering their unique culture and leveraging it to attract and retain talented individuals.


A fascinating blend of strategy, technology, and marketing

When asked about the services Ad Magic Media Ltd will be focusing on, Kedwell emphasised their commitment to employer branding strategy and innovation. He explained that this field is a fascinating blend of strategy, technology, and marketing, all with a people-centered approach. By assisting companies in understanding their culture and communicating it authentically, Ad Magic Media helps them become great places to work and successfully engage with both current and potential employees.

During the interview, Kedwell shared the last piece of advice he recalls giving someone: “To always bring your authentic self to work.” This advice reflects his belief in the importance of staying true to oneself in professional settings, ultimately fostering a positive work environment.

In order to stay true to yourself you should always bring your authentic self to work.

Looking forward to being on Counsl, Kedwell expressed enthusiasm about meeting new people in different organisations and gaining a deeper understanding of their unique dynamics. Exploring what drives these companies and their approach to employer branding is an aspect of his work that he finds particularly exciting.

According to Kedwell, effective advisors possess key qualities such as clarity, honesty, and the ability to listen. Drawing from personal experience, he emphasised the significance of active listening, as understanding the individual’s needs is crucial for offering relevant advice.


Prioritise listening and understanding

To ensure tailored guidance, Kedwell suggested employing strategies that prioritise listening and understanding. By actively engaging with individuals seeking advice, advisors can gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific circumstances and tailor their guidance accordingly.

Addressing the challenge of providing unpopular or difficult advice, Kedwell stressed the importance of kindness. He encouraged advisors to approach such situations with empathy, helping individuals understand how they can adapt their actions to make incremental improvements.

Kedwell believes that establishing a constructive and open dialogue with those seeking advice starts with being authentic. By being his genuine self, he aims to create a friendly rapport from the outset, fostering an environment where open conversation and companionship thrive.

Advice leading to success

Reflecting on the impact of receiving advice, Kedwell shared a memorable experience from early in his career. Several of his bosses advised him to focus on measurable objectives and make steady progress rather than spreading himself too thinly. This advice helped shape his approach to work and provided a foundation for achieving success in a focused and methodical manner.


In conclusion

Chris Kedwell’s expertise in employer branding and his insights into effective advice-giving make him a valuable resource in the business world. His commitment to authenticity, active listening, and fostering open dialogue contribute to his success as an advisor. As the founder of Ad Magic Media Ltd, Kedwell continues to help companies elevate their employer brands, attracting and retaining top talent through his innovative strategies and deep understanding of organisational culture.

- Insights on Employer Branding and Effective Advice-Giving -

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