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Growth Realities: UK Government Support for Small Businesses - Poll Insights Revealed

Poll Results - Question (Does the UK government do a good job of supporting small businesses?) Yes (8%), No (85%), Complicated (8%)

Growth Realities: UK Government Support for Businesses

In the dynamic world of business, small enterprises often face numerous challenges, and in the context of the UK, these challenges have been further compounded by factors like Brexit and limited access to neighbouring markets. As an advocate for supporting small businesses, it is essential to recognise the struggles they face and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. We recently carried out a survey where 85% of people believed small businesses don’t get the government support they need. In this blog, we will explore how smaller businesses can de-risk taking transformative leaps and the critical role of internal and external expertise in their journey. The poll results reveal that a significant majority of people do not believe the UK government effectively supports small businesses. Comments from participants highlighted issues such as Brexit-induced hurdles and skepticism about the government's priorities.

To truly help small businesses, we must understand and address these complexities.

Embracing Transformation and Risk:

Innovation and transformative advancements are essential for small businesses to stay competitive and grow. However, taking risks can be intimidating, especially for companies with limited resources. Encouraging a culture that embraces calculated risk-taking is crucial, but it must be backed by a solid support system.

The Role of Internal Expertise:

Small businesses need to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and internal expertise. Encouraging employees to up-skill and stay updated with the latest industry trends enables the company to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas are openly discussed can lead to innovative breakthroughs.

The Power of External Expertise:

While internal expertise is essential, smaller businesses often lack the diverse skill sets required to navigate complex challenges effectively. This is where external support becomes invaluable. Partnering with organisations that offer access to professional services can bridge the expertise gap and provide much-needed guidance.

Finding the Right Support Network:

To de-risk transformative leaps, small businesses should seek out a support network that offers tailored assistance. Look for organisations that understand the unique challenges faced by smaller enterprises and can offer actionable advice based on real-world experience. Confidence in their actions is vital for small businesses. A supportive environment that encourages experimentation and learning from failures can help foster the confidence needed to take transformative leaps.

Identifying Budget-Friendly Solutions:

One of the main barriers for smaller businesses is limited budgets. As a support provider, it's crucial for us to offer cost-effective solutions that deliver tangible results. This could involve exploring affordable technology, leveraging digital marketing, or adopting innovative business models.


Supporting small businesses in the UK requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses their unique challenges. By recognising the complexities they face, empowering them with internal expertise, and providing access to external support, we can enable small enterprises to take transformative leaps with confidence. As a company focused on giving robust and actionable support to small businesses, it's crucial to continue advocating for a supportive environment that enables these businesses to thrive and contribute to a stronger and more resilient UK economy.

Together, we can navigate uncertainty and reimagine the future of small businesses in the UK.

Growth Realities: UK Government Support for Businesses

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