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Provider Profile – Treefrog (Empowering Brands through Storytelling)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


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Section - In their words

Treefrog was born in March 2022 and has grown exponentially since then. We support all types of businesses that need marketing and growth. So, whether you are a start-up business looking to push your new venture forward or a more established business that just needs some additional support for your team – we can help.

Empowering Brands through Storytelling: Tailored Advice and Growth Strategies

Treefrog values that every organisation is different and has different goals. We put our customers’ needs first and help them achieve their goals. Our team is friendly, experienced and goal driven to help them succeed. With decades worth of experience under the team’s belt, we have built a company that cares and invests itself in our customer’s success.

Our thinking and solutions are flexible so whether it’s through programs or projects over the course of time, or bespoke and ad-hoc activities Treefrog will be there for your company every step of the way. We love connecting, engaging, and supporting local and national businesses with their sales & marketing activity – So, get in touch with the team and see how we can help your business.

Section - Key Services

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Video

Section - Interview

Interview with Max Leveridge – Treefrog’s Creative Director

In a recent interview with Counsl Provider, Max Leveridge, the Creative Director of Treefrog LTD, shed light on the company’s accomplishments and their commitment to empowering brands through innovative marketing solutions. Leveridge delved into the importance of storytelling, outlined the core services offered by Treefrog LTD, and discussed their strategies for delivering tailored advice to clients.

Empowering Brands through Storytelling

Leveridge stressed that Treefrog’s success stems from their deep understanding of the power of storytelling and their ability to infuse it into every facet of marketing. According to him, every brand has a unique story waiting to be told, and Treefrog excels at crafting captivating narratives that resonate with audiences. Leveridge emphasized how this approach enables brands to establish their identity and rejuvenate their image with the guidance of the Treefrog team.

Treefrog avoids generic recommendations and instead offers practical and customised solutions that align with clients’ values, resources, and capabilities.

Core Services and Expertise

When asked about the day-to-day operations of the agency, Leveridge revealed the core services provided by Treefrog. These services encompass video creation, marketing campaigns and strategy, and branding and design. He underscored Treefrog’s expertise in producing visually compelling work that effectively communicates a brand’s story. Leveridge also highlighted their data-driven approach to developing marketing strategies, ensuring that each client receives tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. By combining these elements, Treefrog creates cohesive and visually appealing brand identities that leave a lasting impression on their clients’ target markets.


Tailoring Advice to Client Needs

The conversation then turned to the concept of advice, particularly in the context of Treefrog’s role as a marketing agency. Leveridge emphasized the importance of active listening and empathizing with clients. He emphasized the need to ask relevant questions that provide a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and circumstances. Leveridge stated, “Treefrog avoids generic recommendations and instead offers practical and customized solutions that align with clients’ values, resources, and capabilities.” He firmly believes that tailored advice is crucial to ensure its relevance and feasibility.

Navigating Unpopular Advice

Acknowledging the challenges of delivering unpopular advice, Leveridge emphasized the significance of building trust with clients. He stressed the importance of providing clear reasoning and offering examples of similar success stories to support unpopular suggestions. Leveridge also advised breaking down complex information to prevent clients from feeling overwhelmed, fostering a constructive and open dialogue that enables clients to embrace alternative perspectives.


Encouraging Constructive Dialogue

In fostering a culture of open communication, Leveridge emphasized the importance of never closing the door to ideas. He stressed the use of open-ended questions that allow clients to explore their thoughts while challenging existing perspectives, all without passing judgment. Additionally, he emphasized the value of engaging in discussions on various topics to enhance relationships and build trust.

Impactful Advice and Business Growth

Reflecting on Treefrog’s own experience, Leveridge shared the impactful advice they received—to embrace change. He explained how this advice, when adopted and incorporated into their approach, led to significant financial and professional growth for the company. Leveridge highlighted that this shift allowed Treefrog to open new doors and emerge as a stronger and more successful business.


Looking Ahead

With their commitment to providing an open ear, experience, and capabilities, Treefrog is poised to support clients on Counsl from launch. Their dedication to helping businesses unlock their fastest potential for growth positions them as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and established companies alike.

Our thanks to Max for his time

- Empowering Brands through Storytelling: Tailored Advice and Growth Strategies -

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