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The power of twenty Minutes with the right person

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Counsl Logo: old against new

At Counsl we focus on, in fact we are dedicated to, the concept that business benefits from a conversation with a specialist before they spend money or commit to contracts.

Recently we went through this process ourselves with our own brand and in a short time we benefited from input that changed our organisation. It was the twenty minutes that changed our brand.

At Counsl we have always wanted to be a place where high-quality relationships are formed and where people feel they can have a transparent view of what is happening in a safe and controlled environment. This is important to us but also needs to be an element of how we come across to others.

In a recent conversation with a branding specialist where we spent some time looking at Counsl, its logo, website and tone of voice, we were guided to make some changes. These changes included looking at how we represented ourselves through logos and colours. “Retail” was our description, which clearly doesn’t meet the aim of how we want to come across, It was the difference between a WeWork and a Soho House for us!

In a conversation that only lasted a short time, we went on to talk about colours, fonts, words and brands that had our ethos. We sought a place more akin to where we wanted to be and how we wanted to be seen.

This didn’t remove the need for a more comprehensive piece of work (a future job for us). It realigned our focus and direction and built trust with a provider we will return to. That is the ethos of Counsl and it was amazing to see our proposition in action in that way.

We have had many other conversations like this so far, with accountants and tax specialists who have guided us but we must recognise the power of twenty minutes with the right person at the right time.

We are dedicated to the benefit from a conversation not a contract.

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