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Welcome to Counsl

A platform for businesses to find and connect with highly qualified professionals, easily access relevant expertise, and efficiently procure their services.


Powered by AI, we merge the best of automated advice and human expertise together into one platform. By providing seamless search and access to expertise, users are empowered to seek solutions to their problems in a bespoke way and at a scale professionals have not traditionally achieved.


We prioritise quality and security providing a digital environment of trusted advice, helping businesses achieve their goals more effectively as we adapt to support their growth.


With Counsl, businesses can finally say goodbye to the frustration and inefficiency of finding and working with professionals, and focus on what really matters to them.

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Counsl have three products areas all focused on driving an increase in the articulation, availability and therefore value of Expertise within organisations.

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Counsl Marketplace

Our marketplace is a membership network for organisations to join in order to be able to gain access to expertise to support their business. Built around a credit ledger expertise and advice can be consumed in a fractional on demand form. 


Counsl Converse, so named as it drives better early interactions between professional services firms and their prospective customers. The Service, a website based window into the firms expertise supports better and deeper initial interactions. 

Counsl Community

Enterprises have communities all over the world, they work very hard to support these communities but often the biggest value can come from the community building networks to support themselves. Counsl Community does just that. 


Cambridge, UK
London, UK



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